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LED lighting installed to deter crime in Downtown Albuquerque

Jul 08, 2023

by: George Gonzales

Posted: Aug 30, 2023 / 05:47 PM MDT

Updated: Aug 30, 2023 / 05:47 PM MDT

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Some of the darkest spots Downtown are getting brighter. It’s a part of a new approach the city thinks should make things safer.

The city said it’s aiming to put up more than 50 new lights all around Downtown.

“We just love it because now, all these people who are going into these businesses, especially after dark can feel that much safer. A lot of the businesses along here use the alley for access, so everything we can do to make those guys feel safer the better,” said Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development Spokesperson Dan Mayfield.

The department said this lighting initiative comes after a proposal by City Councilor Isaac Benton who requested a safer approach. Mayfield said, over the last six months, crews have installed 24 LED lights in the alley between Central and Copper. Those lights run from 3rd Street up to 6th Street.

In addition to that corridor, Mayfield said crews have also installed a total of 18 lights along the Copper corridor and a few others from 3rd Street up towards 6th.

People who live and work in the heart of Downtown are welcoming the approach to safety.

The city stated it’s still working to install 12 more LED lights along Copper and Silver, but it expects to finish that project over the next couple of months.

Mayfield said the city plans on using federal funding to cover the million-dollar project.

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