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Matt Leacy: How to make a splash with an idyllic pool

Aug 03, 2023

It’s a common phrase real estate agents use to entice buyers across Australia, but there’s also a lot of work that goes into creating the ideal tropical oasis at home.

So, if you want to be an agent that doesn’t just have great ideas but can provide actionable knowledge and know-how to your buyers, then read on.

According to Landart Founder and Creative Director Matt Leacy says now is the ideal time to be preparing a pool, before the hot summer months arrive.

But he says there are three things you have to absolutely get right.

1. Designing your dream pool: creating an idyllic escape

A well-designed pool not only provides a cool respite but also enhances the overall aesthetics of an outdoor space. Consider these design elements to create a dream pool:

Matt emphasises the importance of integrating the pool design seamlessly into the overall landscape:

“A well-designed pool should feel like a natural extension of your outdoor space, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment,” he says.

2. Logistics and practical considerations: turning vision into reality

Before diving into your pool project, consider the logistical and practical aspects to ensure a smooth implementation. Safety should be the top priority, and regulations in Australia are strict. Consider the following:

3. The finishing touches: enhancing your pool area

Take your pool area to the next level with these creative and functional additions:

Matt says creating a multi-functional space is important.

“Consider the lifestyle aspects of your pool area, ensuring it caters to both relaxation and entertainment needs,” he says.

“And if you have young children ensuring it’s easy to get out of is another safety aspect that should be considered.”

By considering the design and functional aspects of pool planning, you can create a stunning and safe backyard oasis that will make summers unforgettable.

From designing an idyllic pool, to adding those finishing touches, your pool area will become the ultimate summer retreat for relaxation and fun.

“A well-designed pool area can truly transform your outdoor space, providing endless enjoyment and creating lasting memories for you and your loved ones,” he says.

“Outdoor kitchens and pools are now considered a key design element with most of our clients – whereas years before they were more of a luxury inclusion.”

1. Designing your dream pool: creating an idyllic escapeSize and ShapeMaterials and finishesWater features and lightingLandscaping and surroundings2. Logistics and practical considerations: turning vision into realityFencing and visibilityPermits and approvalsMaintenance and sustainability3. The finishing touches: enhancing your pool areaOutdoor entertainmentShade and shelterLandscaping accentsPoolside lighting