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Vanessa Hudgens Gets Her Glow On With This Red LED Light Mask

Jul 14, 2023

Vanessa Hudgens is a serious glow-getter

Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity looks perfect all the time? It takes a village to maintain sanity in the vanity of a celebrity's life. But thanks to the advancements in the growing beauty sector, treatments at home make life a whole lot easier, even for celebrities. Vanessa Hudgens, like many others, loves a little skincare pampering. Like many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, Vanessa Hudgens was recently seen using a red LED light mask that, many claim, has amazing beauty benefits. Vanessa Hudgens strapped on the mask and captioned the Instagram story "Isn't this how everyone watches TV?" proving that it isn't just easy to get this treatment done at home but also effortless for you to multitask during your downtime. Solawave's mask used by Vanessa Hudgens uses a red-light therapy that is known to rejuvenate the skin by reducing fine lines, firming the texture and improving the complexion, but almost like at a mini spa at home.

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Photo Credit: Instagram/@vanessahudgens

Light therapy is one of the most popular trends among celebrities today to replenish damaged tissues and claims promising results. The benefits of red-light therapy are known to jet-setter Deepika Padukone too. When perpetually on the move, living in different time zones and environments, it's the skin that bears the brunt. Now you know the secret to Deepika's flawless glowing skin, no matter where she is.


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Aisha Sharma is widely known for her fitness focus, but for many of her fans, she is a beauty inspiration too. A beauty enthusiast, Aisha indulges in a little red-light skin therapy with her mask, ever so often, and shares the results on social media. You can get her plump and hydrated skin too with a little help from her quick and effective mask.

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Celebrity beauty treatments continue to emerge on our radar keeping us inspired to become glow-getters.

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