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22 Cheap Landscaping Ideas You Can Use to Enhance Your Yard

Jul 09, 2023

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Welcome to our blog post on cheap landscaping ideas! In this article, we will explore budget-friendly ways to transform your outdoor space into a stunning and inviting oasis. With these creative tips and tricks, you can enhance the beauty of your landscape without breaking the bank. So let’s dive in and discover how to achieve a gorgeous yard on a shoestring budget!

Landscaping doesn’t have to break the bank. You can create a beautiful outdoor space without spending a fortune. Here are some cheap landscaping ideas and techniques that can help you save money.

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Adding ground cover or flowers around trees and shrubs is a great way to add color and texture to your landscape. It can also help to keep weeds down and reduce the amount of maintenance needed.

When planting around trees and shrubs, choose plants that are appropriate for the amount of sun and moisture the area receives. Once you have chosen the ground cover or flowers, dig a shallow hole and place the plant or seed in the ground. Make sure to leave enough space around the roots of the tree or shrub to allow for proper growth. Then, fill the hole with soil and water the plants to help them get established. In some cases, you may need to add mulch or soil to help retain moisture. Once the plants are established, trim them back as needed to help keep the area looking neat and tidy.

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Low-maintenance shrubs and perennials are an easy and cost-effective way to add beauty to your garden. To plant these, start by selecting the right type of shrub or perennial for the space. Consider factors such as the amount of sun or shade the area receives exposure to wind, and soil type. With careful planning, this can be a very cheap landscaping idea.

Once you have chosen the right plants, dig a hole that is twice the width of the plant’s root ball. Fill in the hole with soil and water it until it is damp. Gently loosen the roots and position the plant in the hole, keeping the top of the root ball at the same level as the surrounding soil. Fill the hole with soil, tamp it down lightly, and water it well. Finally, add a layer of mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and suppress weeds.


Using a variety of colorful flowers in your landscaping can help make your yard look vibrant and inviting while also providing a great way to add curb appeal and value to your property. The best part is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

There are so many different kinds of flowers available, all in different shapes, sizes, and colors. From bright yellow daisies to deep red roses, you can find a flower to suit any style. Planting a mixture of different flowers in beds or in planters will create a beautiful display of vibrant colors.

In addition to adding color, flowers also attract beneficial insects, like butterflies and bees, which help to pollinate your garden and keep your plants healthy. With the right combination of flowers, you can create a stunning landscape of color and life for a very small investment.

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Building a raised garden bed is another cheap landscaping idea to add beauty to any outdoor area. It can be a low-cost and simple project, and the result can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Raised garden beds are a great way to grow fresh vegetables, herbs, and other plants without needing to worry about the quality of the soil.

Raised garden beds are also an easy way to keep plants separate from each other. This can be helpful when it comes to spacing plants according to their needs and can also help to reduce the spread of disease from one plant to another. Additionally, raised garden beds are often easier to manage and maintain than traditional gardens because they are elevated off the ground and are easier to access.

Finally, raised garden beds can be an attractive addition to any outdoor landscape. They can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be constructed out of various materials. Many people choose to use wood for their raised garden beds, but there are also other materials, such as metal, brick, or stone, that can be used to create a unique and attractive look. By building a raised garden bed, you can easily add both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

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Creating a rock garden can add great beauty to your garden while also being very cost-effective. A rock garden is an excellent way to add texture and contrast to your outdoor space. Not only are they visually appealing, but they can also be very beneficial to the environment.

Rock gardens attract pollinators such as bees and butterflies, which are essential for a healthy garden. They also provide habitats for microorganisms and small animals, helping to boost biodiversity. Additionally, rocks can be used to create pathways and stepping stones for easy access around your garden.

Creating a rock garden is affordable and easy to do. You can purchase a variety of rocks from your local garden center or even collect them from nature. Then, using a combination of gravel, sand, and soil, you can create the perfect rock garden that will add beauty and charm to your outdoor space.


Adding an outdoor water feature is an easy and inexpensive way to add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor landscape. Whether you’re looking for a small, simple fountain or a large pond, adding a water feature to your backyard is a great way to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Not only will a water feature enhance the look and feel of your backyard, but it can also provide a great source of water for pollinators like birds and butterflies. You can also stock your pond with fish or other aquatic creatures to create an extra layer of interest and movement.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece for your backyard or just a small fountain to add some life to the space, an outdoor water feature is a great way to add beauty to your landscape for a minimal cost. With a bit of creativity and some basic DIY skills, you can create a tranquil backyard oasis that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

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Adding an outdoor lighting system can have a huge impact on your outdoor environment. Whether you want to light up your front path, highlight your favorite plants, or just create a more inviting atmosphere, you can achieve it all with a simple and inexpensive outdoor lighting system.

The right outdoor lighting can make your house and plants look beautiful, and it doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. You can find a variety of options to choose from, such as solar-powered lights, motion-activated lights, and LED lighting. All of these options can provide great illumination and enhance the look of your space.

Creating the perfect outdoor lighting system doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With the right products and a bit of creativity, you can easily create a beautiful outdoor space that will make you proud. So, why not give it a try and see what kind of impact it can have on your outdoor environment?


Adding a fire pit is an easy and inexpensive way to transform your outdoor landscaping. In fact, a firepit is probably the most eye-catching of our cheap landscaping ideas. With a fire pit, you can create a place to gather with friends and family and extend your living space. You can find fire pits in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any outdoor décor.

A fire pit can be a great focal point for your outdoor space. Not only will it create a beautiful view, but it can also provide warmth and light during the cooler months. You can gather around the fire pit and roast marshmallows or hot dogs or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere. With the right seating and accessories, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for entertaining.

Adding a fire pit is also an easy and affordable way to make your outdoor space more enjoyable. You can find fire pits for a variety of budgets, and they are relatively easy to install. With the right materials and a bit of elbow grease, you can have a great fire pit in your backyard in no time. So if you’ve been looking for an easy and affordable way to transform your outdoor space, adding a fire pit is the perfect solution.

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Adding a birdbath to your landscaping is a very inexpensive way to add beauty to your landscaping. Birdbaths provide a source of water for birds, insects, and other small animals. Not only does this add to the aesthetics of a yard, but it also provides a necessary resource to our local wildlife. Placing a birdbath in a sunny spot will attract a variety of birds and butterflies while also providing a beautiful focal point in the yard.

Birdbaths are available in a wide range of styles, from simple ceramic dishes to elaborate concrete sculptures. Many birdbaths are easy to install and require little maintenance—just an occasional refill of fresh water. Birdbaths are also an environmentally friendly way to add beauty to your landscape without using any chemicals.


Creating a vertical outdoor garden is an excellent way to save space and money. It can be used to grow a variety of plants, vegetables, or herbs, which can be harvested and enjoyed in a small area.

To create a vertical garden, the first step is to choose the right plants. Consider the climate, light, and soil conditions of your space, and select plants that will thrive in the environment. For a vertical garden, look for plants that are suited to growing up, such as vines, pole beans, and cucumbers.

Once you’ve selected the plants, you need to build the structure for your vertical garden. Choose a material that is sturdy and will last for years. Trellises, wire fencing, and wood are all good options. Be sure to secure the structure firmly to the ground, as it needs to be able to support the weight of the plants.

Finally, add soil and compost to the structure and plant your chosen plants. Water them regularly, and add fertilizer as needed. With proper care, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the form of tasty, homegrown vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

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Setting up an outdoor hammock is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of money. It can transform your landscaping in just a few easy steps.

First, you’ll need to find two sturdy trees or posts to hang your hammock from. Make sure the trees are far enough apart that the hammock can hang without any tension. Once you’ve found the right trees, use a drill to make two holes in the trunks, then attach the two metal rings that will hold the hammock.

Next, hang the hammock between the two rings using rope, chain, or webbing, depending on the type. Make sure it’s securely fastened, then add cushions or pillows for extra comfort and a blanket for coziness. Now you’re ready to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.


Stepping stones are an easy and cheap landscaping idea to decorate your terrain. They can be placed throughout your yard, providing a safe and attractive path for you and your guests to enjoy. Stepping stones can be used to create a winding pathway or to simply add a touch of charm to your outdoor space.

The stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to customize your landscape design. You can choose from classic designs or opt for something more modern and contemporary. Stepping stones are also relatively inexpensive, making them a great way to spruce up your yard without breaking the bank.

Not only are stepping stones a great way to add a decorative element to your landscape, but they also help to keep your lawn healthy and free of weeds and other invasive plants. Placing the stones will help to protect the soil and prevent the growth of unwanted plants. They also help to keep your lawn free of mud and other debris, making it easier to keep clean and tidy.


Adding a trellis is an easy way to make a big impact on your landscaping for only a few dollars. Installing a trellis can be done in a few simple steps and can easily be incorporated into almost any yard.

A trellis is a structure made up of latticed panels that can be used to support and display growing plants. It can be used to create a beautiful and unique backdrop for an outdoor living space or garden. With a trellis, you can create an eye-catching focal point that will draw attention to your garden.

Adding a trellis to your landscaping can instantly transform the look and feel of your yard. You can use a trellis to create a lush and inviting space for entertaining and relaxing. It can also be used to create privacy and to add interest to a bland or boring area. With a few dollars and a few hours of work, you can easily make a big impact on your landscaping.


Using terracotta pots for your outdoor garden is a great way to save money and add beauty. Terracotta is a type of clay that is baked to create durable ceramic pots. It is an affordable material that can be found in garden centers and home improvement stores. It also has an attractive, rustic look that adds charm to any garden.

Terracotta is also very easy to care for. It is resistant to cracking and chipping and is generally unaffected by harsh weather conditions. It requires very little maintenance and can last for many years. Additionally, terracotta pots are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your garden’s needs.


Using perennial plants in your garden or landscaping is a great way to save money over time. Perennial plants are those that live for more than two years, and often for decades, remaining vibrant and blooming year after year. This means that you won’t have to keep replacing your plants, which can be costly. Additionally, perennials can often be divided and replanted, which further reduces the cost associated with your garden.

In addition to saving money, perennial plants can also add an element of beauty and ease to your garden. Many perennials are hardy and require little maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about hefty water bills or frequent trips to the garden store. With the right perennials, you can create a beautiful and low-maintenance garden that is sure to last for years.


Planting a hedge is an inexpensive and attractive way to create a barrier around your property. Hedges are typically much cheaper than fences and can provide a natural and sustainable way to landscape your yard. Not only are they cost-effective, but they also provide benefits for local wildlife, making them an even more attractive option.

Hedges provide a habitat for birds, squirrels, and other small animals. They can also act as a windbreak, providing shelter for your garden or yard and protecting plants from harsh weather. The plantings also attract insects, which can provide food for animals. Hedges can also help to reduce noise pollution, providing a natural sound buffer between your property and the outside world.

In addition, hedges are a low-maintenance solution for landscaping. They require minimal watering and trimming and can still look great even when they’re not tended to regularly. All in all, planting a hedge is an inexpensive and beneficial way to landscape your property.


Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular for outdoor landscaping projects. There are a variety of ways to incorporate solar features into your landscape, from small garden lights to large solar-powered water features.

One of the most popular solar-powered features for outdoor landscaping is garden lights. Solar garden lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your landscape design. These lights come in a range of colors and can be used to add a decorative element to your landscape. They also provide soft lighting during the evening hours, making your outdoor space more inviting.

Another great solar-powered option is a solar-powered water feature. These features can be used to create a stunning focal point in your outdoor space. Solar-powered water features are also low-maintenance, making them a great option for busy homeowners.

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Building a patio can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and provide a space to relax and entertain guests. But it can be expensive to build a patio from scratch, so here are a few of the cheapest ways to build a patio.

One of the most budget-friendly ways to build a patio is to use concrete pavers. Pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can mix and match them to create a custom patio design. Concrete pavers are also relatively easy to install, so you could do it yourself or hire a professional.

Another way to save money on a patio build is to use gravel. Gravel is much more affordable than other materials, and it can create a rustic look. You can also mix and match different types of gravel to add color and texture to your patio. To make sure the gravel stays in place, you can add a border or use an edging material.

Finally, you could also consider using bricks to create a patio. Sand is the least expensive option, and you can easily create a level surface. Many demolition companies offer bricks for very cheap.

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Installing a pergola is an excellent way to quickly and easily transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living space. Pergolas are an attractive and versatile structure that can be used to create a shady spot to relax, provide an outdoor dining area, or even create an outdoor kitchen. A pergola can be a cheap landscaping idea or a very expensive one. Some of that depends on your DIY skills.

Pergolas come in a variety of sizes, materials, and styles, so you are sure to find one that will fit your backyard and match your landscape design. A pergola can be a great way to add a focal point to the yard and provide a place to relax and entertain. You can also add climbing plants, such as vines or roses, to enhance the look and provide additional shade.


Planting trees is an incredibly affordable way to completely transform an outdoor space. Not only do trees provide a variety of aesthetic benefits, but they also provide environmental and health benefits as well. Trees can reduce air pollution, provide shade, and even increase property values.

The cheapest landscaping idea of all is a free one! The Arbor Day Foundation is committed to promoting tree planting and conservation. To help accomplish this, they offer members a whopping 10 free trees every year. These trees come in a variety of species and are perfect for both new and experienced gardeners. Planting these trees is a great way to bring new life to an outdoor space on a budget.

Planting trees is a great way to add beauty to an outdoor space. It’s a cost-effective way to bring new life and beauty to a yard or garden, and the environmental benefits are an added bonus. Consider planting a few trees this season and watch your outdoor space transform.

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Adding a wind chime to your garden is an easy and cheap landscaping idea to add interest and charm to your outdoor space. Not only are wind chimes visually appealing and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, but their melodic tones can bring a peaceful atmosphere to your outdoor area. Whether you choose to purchase a wind chime or build your own, this is a great way to add a unique element to your garden.

Creating a wind chime display can be a fun and creative project. You can either purchase a pre-made wind chime from a store or create your own by gathering items such as stones, shells, beads, and driftwood. With a few simple materials and a bit of creativity, you can create a beautiful and unique wind chime display for your garden.


For our last cheap landscaping idea, we will talk about window boxes. Adding a window box is an easy way to bring beauty to your home. It’s a simple and relatively inexpensive way to improve the exterior of your home and bring color and life to it. Window boxes are also a great way to entertain your indoor cats. They can spend hours watching birds and other wildlife as they pass by. Even better, window boxes are great for attracting butterflies, adding even more life to the area. Plus, they’re a great way to show off your green thumb and your gardening skills.

Window boxes are easy to install and relatively low maintenance. You can choose pre-made window boxes or create your own with materials from your local garden center. Once you have your window box in place, you can fill it with a variety of flowers, plants, and even herbs that will attract butterflies and other wildlife. For an extra touch, you can also add bird feeders, birdhouses, and other decorations to make your window box even more inviting.

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