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Jun 13, 2023

Breathtaking water fountains combine natural beauty, symbolism, and technical mastery to create stunning spectacles. Here are the most beautiful!

Fountains have long been an important part of everyday life in cities and towns worldwide. For centuries, they have beautified public spaces, providing drinking water and symbolizing power and wealth. Water represents purity, cleanliness, and tranquility. A fountain can denote these same qualities.

In addition, Fountains can be masterpieces of engineering and design. Some have intricate water jet patterns that create mesmerizing displays, while others include music and light to enhance the sensory experience. They are truly an awe-inspiring experience for the senses, as their music and movement blend seamlessly. These are ten of the world's most breathtaking fountains worth traveling to see.

Singapore's Suntec City, a shopping and entertainment complex, contains the largest Fountain of Wealth in the world. The large bronze ring is designed to resemble the Hindu mandala, with water flowing inwards towards a central dome, symbolic of Singapore's unity and harmony between all races.

Visitors are encouraged to walk three times around a mini fountain at the center of the fountain's base for good fortune during certain times of the day when the fountain is turned off. The fountain hosts laser performances, live songs, and laser message dedications every night between 8 and 9 p.m.

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is stunning in Barcelona at the head of Avenida Maria Cristina. The fountain at the World's Fair was built in 1929 with a music-accompanied water and light show. There are thousands of visitors to the fountain each year, making it one of Barcelona's most popular attractions.

This fountain emits 700 gallons of water a second through 3620 jets. Water spouts reach 170 feet in height. Among the most prominent reasons to visit Barcelona is its rich and fascinating history, but this magical fountain is also one of them.

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Please allow a proper introduction for the third-largest fountain in the world and the third-biggest in Europe: introducing the Efteling fairy tale, which comes to life through the giant water ballet of four frogs.

Watch this show symbiotically combining water, fire, and light, accompanied by Efteling melodies. It takes 12 minutes for the Efteling Medley to take visitors to another world with over 200 fountains and 900 lights. During the summer, Aquanura is one of Efteling's most popular attractions. The show has multiple performances daily, which are included in the entrance fee.

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Versailles is an unmissable world heritage site that people can tour. The palace of Versailles is regarded as a dazzling display of wealth, which is far from an understatement. As the Sun King envisioned himself as Apollo, he welcomed the finest fountains built for the palace gardens.

A true eye-catcher, this magnificent fountain was designed by Charles Le Brun, with its wild tritons, horses, and whales blowing water from their horns, dominating the palace gardens' mile-long canals.

Numerous flora, plants, and massive fountains create overall tranquility and regality on the estate. The Apollo fountain is among the highlights of the Versailles gardens due to its size and the intricate detail of its sculpture.

A trip to see the world's most breathtaking fountains is incomplete without visiting the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Despite being photographed countless times, this fountain isn't just another pretty vision of water but is one of Rome's oldest water systems.

Pope Nicholas V directed the construction of the first fountain during the Renaissance. Its location at the intersection of three streets lends Trevi its name (three ways).

A myth came from the movie Three Coins in the Fountain. It goes like this:

One thing is for sure; the Trevi Fountain is never lonely!

It's about to be a day or night to remember. Where? In Dubai, of course. Aside from the Palm Fountains (opened in October 2020), the Burj Khalifa fountain is the largest choreographed fountain system located on a 30-acre lake at the base of the tallest building in the world.

In addition to its water jets, the fountain has 25 color projectors to allow the water jets to display images. Water jets can shoot up nearly 150 meters in the air. What an amazing sight to behold.

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There are many unforgettable experiences to have in Japan. Visitors to Osaka, in particular, absolutely must see the Nine Floating Fountains. It creates a memorable experience by combining water, light, and nature. An expansive pond is dotted with nine fountains in a grid pattern. Water shoots into the air in different patterns and heights.

Overall the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing or taking photos, as the effect is mesmerizing and tranquil. In reality, the fountains are supported by hidden pipes that emerge from the river, creating an illusion of floating in the air. So, consider this spot a peaceful place to retreat to in between sampling all the best things to do in Osaka over three days or more (or however long tourists wish to stay in this iconic city in Japan's Kansai region.

Dubai has yet another hit on the water fountain theater. No kidding, the Palm Fountain in Dubai is the Guinness world record holder for the largest dancing fountain. With more than 3,000 lights, this marvel spans over 14,000 square feet of seawater and shoots water jets up to 344 feet above the Palm Jumeirah.

Water dances to the beat of popular world-music songs at the Palm Fountain daily, attracting thousands of visitors. Plus, travel to this spectacular fountain by car or public transportation; the area is home to many restaurants, cafés, and shops.

The bridge is notable for its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, the world's longest bridge fountain setting a Guinness World Record for close to 10,000 LED nozzles. Water from the fountain shoots up to 43 meters in the air on both sides of the bridge. In the evening, the fountain is illuminated by colorful LEDs, creating a striking spectacle.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy the Banpo Bridge. Fountain shows are presented, and visitors can also take in the city's panorama from the bridge. Several parks, restaurants, and other things to do can be found near this area also.

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How about $40 million worth of water? Come on, don’t miss this! This fountain has over 1,200 jets that shoot water up to 460 feet in the air and produce various patterns and formations. In the evening, nearly 5,000 lights illuminate the spray to create a beautiful ambiance.

More than 460 feet above the ground, witnessing the Bellagio fountains (easily one of the best things to do at the Bellagio) comprises a breathtaking view. WET, a water feature and fountain design firm, created these fountains to the tune of 40 million dollars! Las Vegas Bellagio Fountains are renowned for being featured in movies, television shows, and music videos.