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Goshen Fountain Vandals Strike Again!

Aug 12, 2023

Who keeps pouring soap into this fountain in Downtown Goshen? I would call these people the Wet Bandits but they aren't stealing anything.

Some pranksters in Goshen, New York had some good clean fun before the weekend once again at the expense of the Village. I mean good clean fun the most literal sense of course.

Goshen is a small village in Orange County, New York and local residents absolutely love how beautiful and quiet it is there. In recent years Goshen has become synonymous with LEGOLAND New York Resort. It also looks like Goshen is becoming known for a certain kind a vandalism for one if its local land marks.

It was reported on social media today that Harriman Fountain in Goshen was filled woth soap again transforming it into a giant bubble bath. Local residents noticed during their commute this morning.

Apparently graduating seniors do this at the end of the school year as a traditional senior prank.

A similar incident took place at the same landmark just a few short months ago. You can catch up on that story here.

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This stunt may seem like harmless fun but there are some ramifications. It might be hard to believe but the amount of soap or detergent used for this prank can damaged the old concrete. The soap could also harm birds and other animals who may drink out of the fountain occasionally.