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17 Best Curtain Ideas for Bedroom Windows

Jun 10, 2024

They give your space instant polish.

If you ever struggle to fall asleep or suffer from restless nights, your bedroom design may be to blame. But by following a few key healthy sleep tips from experts, you can make any bedroom a retreat. The most common recommendation from pros? Keep it cold, dark, and quiet. A set of beautiful curtains is key. That's because well-designed curtain ideas for bedroom windows aren't just pretty; they also block light to help you fall into a deep sleep faster. Next, turn down the temperature to prevent a sweaty, disrupted sleep cycle. Add soft background sounds, like white or brown noise, and you'll be set to sleep.

It's important to pay attention to details like bedroom curtains to create the atmosphere you want. Play with tactile textures and earthy tones—nothing too stimulating—if you want a quieter space. Opt for neutral or muted wall colors and bedding to coordinate with window treatments, like panels made of a subtle natural linen. Bring in a plush rug to add padding and warmth underfoot and anchor your space.

Of course, if maximalism is more your style, there are ways to dream up a calming bedroom that features bold patterns. One of our favorites designer tricks is to incorporate prints and color in your curtains. Bedroom curtains can be the main event in the space when you choose a checkered or botanical style. Leave everything else relatively subdued, and it will still feel restful.

While bedroom curtains certainly provide privacy and filter light, they also add dimension and polish. They’re an essential design element in a bedroom that can dramatically change the space by making the room appear lighter and taller, traditional or laid-back, airy or grounded. Read on to get inspired by some of our favorite designers' curtain ideas for bedroom windows.

These pleated brocade curtains enhance the drama and height of this moody, jewel-toned room. The gold tone plays nicely with other rich elements of the room, like the channel tufted velvet headboard and mirrored side table.

If you're not afraid of mixing contrasting colors and patterns, take notes on this eclectic space. Mounting the valance at the ceiling draws your eye up, emphasizing the room's height. The quaint check pattern reads modern instead of country cottage thanks to the preppy lime green and turquoise accents.

This bedroom is another example where curtains add height, but in this case, they actually create the illusion of tall ceilings. A complementary brown, nature-inspired pattern brings interest to the otherwise monochromatic design scheme. Everything about this space reads traditional and regal with a contemporary twist.

Here, sunny citron panels enhance this room's youthful vibe. Introducing another print in a contrasting color would've been too busy; we like how the solid curtains stick with the cheery theme without going overboard. And even though the windows are on the smaller side, the yellow curtains make the space appear brighter.

You could skip the windows altogether and use curtains to make a simple bed feel more stately instead. You don't even need a new bed frame; these hang on a basic black metal bar that's mounted to the ceiling. The white material with a brown border complements the room's color palette and brings even more airiness to this light-filled space. Of course, the added privacy is nice too.

Studio living doesn't look so bad with this creative curtain room divider. Using sheer panels instead of something colorful or patterned allows light from the far windows to filter through but provides enough separation between the living and sleeping spaces.

Want your curtains to blend in instead of stand out? Try choosing a color or pattern that matches the wall color. This design trick adds depth subtly, especially when paired with a contrasting trim and woven window shade as seen here.

If your bedroom has multiple windows, don't feel the need to use curtains on every single one. You can create a cohesive look with different window coverings by matching tones and patterns. Here, various stripe patterns are used throughout, with the Roman shade and curtain panels in the same fabric for a balanced look.

These sheer floral pleated curtains let in soft light and have a tonal pattern that pairs nicely with the room's warm, earthy shades. Hung at the ceiling height, they also create the illusion of more light and larger windows.

If you want to add a little bit of interest but don't want to commit to a full-on print, try a set of color-blocked curtain panels. The lower portion helps ground the space, adding a bit of weight, while the more prominent color brings out the soft pink accent color in the wallpaper. Notice also how aligning the lower color block with the window ledge keeps everything proportionate.

Here's another instance of matching curtains to the wall paint, but with a playful twist thanks to the tassel trim. We also like how the pink in this little girl's room will grow with her—no trendy patterns or saturated hues.

This space could easily read as too busy without the simple curtains and woven wood shade to ground it. The drapery panels nod back to the room's color scheme and provide a soft contrast against the casual shade. It's the perfect blend of classic European and American prep.

You can use practically any print for window coverings as long as the tone and style complement the rest of the room. Despite having four different patterns, this bedroom still looks calm since all the shades fall into its subdued coastal color palette.

Riffs on tropical colors and motifs dwell harmoniously with other Art Deco–esque pieces in this preppy bedroom. Foliage patterns on the curtains and bed frame make a stunning statement against the grassy green walls, while abstract ocean-inspired art brings home the theme.

You will rarely go wrong with white. Here, crisp panels allow the quirky wallpaper to sing while also offering the eye a sort of palate cleanser. Take note of how the curtains frame the headboard against the window, creating symmetry behind the nightstands.

Barely-there sheer panels allow all of the wonderful natural light into this airy apartment. Just a whisper of a pattern and ceiling-height curtain rods draw the eye up and out.

Befuddled on how to arrange a bed in front of a window? Curtains can help with that. Here, semi-sheer white panels create the illusion of a windowless wall when closed but still let in diffused light for a dreamy effect.

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