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De La Guerra Plaza Revitalization Plans Reviewed

Apr 08, 2024

NONAME - DeLaGuerra Plaza is a historical extension of City Hall but does not lead directly to the main entrance to City Hall. The main entrance has always been considered the entrance accessed via Anacapa Street. I see nothing gained by removing the grass, plantings and trees behind City Hall to be replaced with mosaic, bubblers, flagstone and brick. Definitely a change to the history of this area. IMO this is an unnecessary expense. The "design group" and others declare "lawn isn't sustainable." How long has the existing lawn been in the area? If it isn't sustainable might as remove the lawn in front of City Hall I observed last time I was there. Is there really a need to spend money to (raise)the plaza and the streets listed to be level with the sidewalk? People have traveled through this area for years and I've never read of any problems that would make this change an improvement. I'd guess there should be a change if the current area presents a hazard and liability to the City. Is the area a liability? I agree the area off State Street leading to DeLaGuerra Plaza should be cleaned as needed, but, toilets?