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This Untouched ‘60s House for Sale Has an Unexpected Feature

Jun 17, 2023

Mid-century modern fans will love this home for sale in Providence, Utah, but it’s making a splash (pun absolutely intended) on social media for an entirely different reason. Shared on Zillow Gone Wild, the four-bedroom, three-bath home is being sold by its original owners, who installed a “residential drinking fountain” that commenters are going crazy over.

Built in 1967, the home is described as a “mid-century modern architectural masterpiece,” thanks to its “hyper-parabolic design with Frank Lloyd Wright inspired artistry.” And while the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and kitschy throwback design scheme are certainly charming, the water fountain in one of the home’s hallways is understandably garnering much of the online attention.

“Drinking fountain is proof that parents would do anything to keep the kids out of the kitchen. It’s the stylish alternative to drinking from the hose,” wrote one person. “That drinking fountain and tile are taking me right back to the hallway outside of 7th grade Spanish class,” joked another. “The drinking fountain sells it for me,” shared another, while yet another said, “A house with a drinking fountain?! Say no more; I love it!”

Plenty of fans then noted that they, too, want a water fountain in their house. “It only took one picture to convince me that I need a water fountain in the hallway in my next home,” wrote one person, while another summed it all up perfectly, writing, “The world needs more residential drinking fountains.”

The home’s viral fame caught the eye of the owners’ old friend, who wrote, “This house belonged to my wonderful friends!! I remember the drinking fountain so well!!” When someone asked if there is a “backstory” to the fountain, the commenter shared: “The architect was Gene Haycock, who built it for his own family, a wife and 5 daughters. I just thought it was so cool that they had a drinking fountain by the back door for the kids — refrigerated, no less. They were truly lovely people, full of kindness.”

Indeed, the home does belong to the Haycock family, who are listing it for the very first time since it was built. Haycock himself died in 2020, and in his obituary, his family noted that although he designed many buildings in his career, his favorite was his home, which he called “the glass house.” According to one design account on Instagram, the home was also lovingly referred to as “the airplane house” due to its doubly curved hyperbolic paraboloid roof, no doubt making it a unique dwelling filled with decades of love and history.

If staying well-hydrated in your dream home is for you, it can be yours for $820,000.